Preparing Custom Boxes For Your Action Figures Business

Thanks to the popularity of big-budget Hollywood films featuring superheroes, local businesses are seeing a huge spike in demand from fans for action figures. One of those businesses is Cosmic-Con, which specializes in selling memorabilia from these superhero films. In some cases, customers from around the country are calling them, asking for some of the rarer, collectible action figures that might sell for hundreds of dollars.

“At first, we weren’t really sure how to ship them, but we eventually settled on a poly bag and box solution that works for us,” says William O’Reilly, the owner of Cosmic Con. What separates his local business is that much of the sales volume for these action figures comes from diehard fans who search out sites like eBay and Amazon for these collectibles.

That’s what gave O’Reilly the idea to come up with a custom packaging solution that could take this superhero fandom to a new level. He examined the various options that were recommended for toy manufacturers – window boxes, blister cards, clamshells, poly bags, blind boxes, tins, and acrylic display cases.

While the blister cards seemed to make the most sense from a retail perspective and came with a lot of recommendations from packing and shipping bloggers, Cosmic Con realized that it wasn’t a typical retailer. Customers didn’t expect to pick up or view the action figure before purchases – they knew exactly what they wanted and were ordering online. So the idea of transparent plastic dome attached to a piece of cardboard wasn’t as alluring as it might be for a traditional retailer, where customers want to see exactly what they are getting.

Instead, Cosmic Con decided to go with a hybrid packaging solution – a combination of poly bag and blind box. The poly bag would provide each action figure with secure airtight packaging. And then they could be inserted inside a “blind box” – a box without any windows on it (sometimes called a “surprise box”). The advantage of the blind box was that special graphics and branding could be placed on the box exterior to explain what was inside, turning each box into a collectible of its own.

These blind boxes could then be placed inside a regular square box container from the local post office, filled with packing peanuts, and sent off to customers with overnight or two-day delivery

Thus far, the response from fans and clients has been ecstatic. “These are hard-core fans, they expect you to show the same amount of passion for a product as they have,” says O’Reilly. “If you just put a product inside a plastic clamshell, it doesn’t look like a collectible anymore.”

Thus far, Cosmic Con has had success using this custom packaging for customers throughout Canada. From Vancouver to Halifax, the orders continue to come in on a regular basis. It’s gotten to the point, says O’Reilly, that his eBay seller’s page now includes photos of both the action figure and the unique collectible blind box.

“We can almost predict by now which superhero action figures are going to be popular, based on which films are coming out in the summer,” notes O’Reilly. That gives him and his team plenty of time to come up with some graphics and original branding to put on the box to surprise and delight his customers.

What are the top home improvement services business for Women to start?

Just because you are a woman it doesn’t mean that you can’t have the ability to start your own home improvement business, in fact there are many possibilities to be had here. It all comes down to your preparation and the focus that you have for this type of business. Plus, it can be a business which offers you immense possibilities which you can unlock on your own without a problem.

Window and eaves cleaning

Cleaning the windows and eaves is very important for any home owner but since this type of task does eat up quite a lot of time, you can offer it as a service and earn good money on it. It’s a refined experience that will help you increase your income all while doing what you love. Visit eaves cleaning service on Yelp or 2findlocal eaves cleaning service page for more details.

Basically, you will need reliable window cleaning solutions and proper eaves cleaning tools, other than that you don’t really need anything else aside from knowledge on how you can perform this properly. It can be a very exciting experience and one that will deliver an immense value in the long run. Plus, cleaning eaves and windows can be less demanding than many other home improvement services, which is why you should look into that.

Wallpapering business

Adding in wallpapers can definitely require a woman’s touch and this can be the perfect home improvement service that you can offer. There is no need for formal training which makes it a very easy sector to get into, not to mention that you can also touch up on a variety of great ideas to extend the value of your offering. However, you do need good stamina if you want to endure the long working hours. Thankfully, you won’t require a massive investment at first, around $1000 will be more than enough for both marketing and the necessary wallpapering tools

Interior designer

This is also the perfect fit for a woman. It allows the creativity to run wild. However, you will need a degree for this if you want to stand out on the market, but the reality is that once you get that, the sky is your limit. You can easily start designing home interiors from the comfort of your own home and that’s very helpful. Plus, it’s a very easy thing to do since you don’t need specific high quality tools and the results will certainly pay off in the end.

Don’t hesitate to touch up on any of these business ideas, because they do pay off nicely. Plus, the value that you can get from these is nothing short of amazing, not to mention that you will end up losing quite a lot if you don’t access them right now. These are great ideas that help you identify a specific niche which can deliver a massive return on investment. Just check that out and you will not be disappointed, you can rest assured of that!

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